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In theory, the justice system ensures fairness for all. But it doesn’t always work that way. 

My years of defending people accused of crimes taught me many things. But one thing stands out: the lack of protection of and advocacy for victims and their families.

The criminal system is not equipped to serve the needs of victims. And as time goes on, criminal cases are used more for advancing “social justice” issues and less for restitution and true accountability. While I continue to fight for fairness for all, I do not want that achieved at the expense of a victim’s safety or compensation.

Wrongdoers should be punished appropriately and victims should be compensated and feel safe. It’s a simple as that. So if the government can’t or won’t do its job, then I will.

The same goes for those injured or killed by another person’s negligence. Doctors have very difficult jobs. But they are also compensated very well. They claim a high position in our society because they are supposed to be diligent, competent, and tireless in their efforts. When they get lazy, people get hurt. So we have to hold them accountable in order to keep other people safe. That is what the law of negligence is all about.

People must be answerable for all the consequences of their acts, intentional or not. Otherwise, people would not be deterred from negligent behavior.



We work with clients with all different types of legal needs around Arlington, Virginia. If your case falls into one of the folloing types, get in touch for a consultation.


Medical Malpractice

This means a doctor, nurse, or other provider was negligent in their care of you or a loved one and, as a result, injury or death resulted. 


Sexual Abuse

Sex offenders should be arrested, prosecuted and, if guilty, convicted. They should also be held accountable in civil court.

Businesses, schools, hospitals, and other corporations should also be liable for sexual abuse if they fail to protect victims from employees.


Major Injury & Wrongful Death

Whether negligent or intentional, permanent injury or death caused by another is actionable at law. Again, civil liability can follow criminal prosecution.


Civil Rights

Police and prosecutor misconduct that results in either physical injury or damage to your career or reputation. While the government often hides behind immunity when it is negligent, claims for damages may still exist.

Let me guide you through this process.

I can promise you that I am not only driven by money. I do not take every case and I will not mislead you. But if you have been truly wronged and deserve justice, I will get it for you.

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I always try my best to treat my clients with respect and dignity. I realize if you need my help that something bad has happened to your or a loved one. When we work together, you will be a part of your case, not just a dollar amount.

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Family life will be disrupted throughout the entire duration of a case. I will work with you and your family to find the best outcome for the future. Your family and other priorities are my top priorities too.