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What is a FIREARMS Offense?

A firearms offense includes any violation of firearms regulations and statutes.

While legal firearms are most often purchased for self-defense purposes, many guns and ammunition are purchased for illegal uses as well. Gun victimization is a common firearms offense. Certain types of firearms are illegal to open-carry and conceal-and-carry. As such, many types of firearms are illegal to purchase as well. 

An individual who uses, carries, buys, or sells illegal guns and ammunition will be convicted of a firearms offense. For example, machine guns are unlawful when used or purchased in most states. Machine guns must be registered by the government and must be pre-approved in all case-scenarios.

Even with a conceal-and-carry permit, both residents and non-residents of Virginia cannot legally bring a firearms weapon to a place of religious worship, courthouse, school property, prohibited private property, and other places where firearms are banned by Federal Law. Most states require individuals to be at least 21 years of age to attain a conceal-and-carry license. Concealing an on-person weapon is illegal without a valid license. Virginia residents with a conceal-and-carry permit may not be eligible for concealing on-person weapons in other states. However, conceal-and-carry permits obtained in all other U.S. states are valid in Virginia.

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Firearms were used in 68% of murders, 41% of robberies, and 21% of aggravated assaults in 2019¹

Handguns are the most common weapons used in homicides¹

Firearms are used in many violent crimes, such as assault, rape, and armed robbery¹

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minimum penalties for firearms Offenses

*as noted on the official website of the United States Sentencing Commission in 2018.

Federal Law mandates that certain firearms offenses receive minimum penalties. Certain state laws may exceed these minimum penalties in terms of prison sentences and legal fines. Many prison sentences can be decreased with relief. Nearly all firearms offenses are classified as felonies. Very few are considered misdemeanors in courts of law. 


Firearms offense only

Convicts of a firearms offense only are sentenced to an average of 15 years minimum in prison without relief.


Possession of a firearm in accompaniment with a violent crime or drug trafficking crime

Possession of a firearm in accompaniment with a violent crime or drug trafficking crime will result in a minimum prison sentence of five years.


Firearms offense involving a machine gun, destructive device, or other firearm equipped with a muffler or silencer

Any firearms offense involving a machine gun, destructive device, or other firearm equipped with a muffler or silencer will result in a minimum prison sentence of 30 years.


Multiple offenses (including at least one firearms offense)

Convicts of multiple offenses (including at least one firearms offense) will face a minimum of 25 years in prison. Additional counts will add 25 years each to a prison sentence.

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Those convicted of a firearms offense are more likely to commit future crimes.² Twenty percent of those sentenced to time in prison have committed a weapons-related crime.³ If you’ve found yourself facing a firearms-related charge, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are ready to assist you.


We’re all people, and all people have important lives to live. With whatever crime you’ve been charged, you deserve to live a life full of hope. We want to help you get back to living your life as soon as possible. We’ll work with you to decrease the length of your sentence as well as reduce monetary charges as much as possible.


Firearms offenses, while commonly issued, can still cause a major impact on anyone’s life. We have experience working with clients with various firearms offenses. We are prepared to defend you in your trial; you are more than the crime with which you’ve been charged. It’s important to us that you leave your trial with a sense of hope and dignity.


Our clients have families, ambitions, and hope for the future. We know that all family members are deeply impacted by a convicted firearms offense; families are just as important to us as our clients. Our goal is to minimize the impact any crime has on both you and your family.

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