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What is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement occurs when someone is entrusted with a property that isn’t his or hers, and the property is stolen by the entrusted individual for personal gain.

Cases of embezzlement often occur between employee-and-employer relationships. Most cases of embezzlement are discovered when someone notices monetary funds are missing, whether the amount is relatively small or large. Major cases of embezzlement are often handled at a state or federal level, however, some less-severe cases can be resolved in civil court. No matter how the case is handled, being convicted of any crime will result in legal repercussions and large fines.

Embezzlement cases examine from where or who the property was stolen, how much property was stolen, the convict’s motives, and other details of the crime. Work-related embezzlement incidents often happen when an employee knowingly charges a customer more than what it normally costs (and keeps the extra amount), steals money from a cash register, deposits non-personal checks into a personal account, altering business financial records, and creating fake records for personal gain. 

Bribery is a common form of embezzlement. Many companies have policies that instruct employees to not accept monetary gifts from clients because it could be considered a form of bribery. However, bribery sometimes occurs with non-monetary forms of property as well. For example, accepting pre-purchased tickets to a major entertainment event in exchange for work (outside of an employer’s awareness but in relation to the company’s services) is a form of bribery.

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Common examples of fraud include identity theft, phishing, and forgery of legal documents.

Fraud is typically used as a general term to describe a vast array of different crimes. Legally, anything that can be classified as intentional deception to secure illegally obtained information, money, or property is a fraud. Fraud also occurs when a victim is deprived of a legal right due to the illegal actions of another, or when deceptive actions occur where prohibited.

Fraud offenses are often charged as felonies or misdemeanors. When fraud in any situation exceeds a high monetary value, higher prison sentences and fines are issued. In nearly all cases of fraud, the person convicted of the crime must repay their victim(s) in full. This amount is confirmed when a legal case reaches its final verdict.

Source: Embezzlement: Penalties and Sentencing

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Common Penalties for Embezzlement and Fraud

Penalties can include a minimum or maximum prison sentence along with legal fines. In some cases, either a legal fine only or a prison sentence only will be issued.


Crimes of $200 or less

In Virginia, when the value of the property of the crime is $200 or less, lesser penalties are incurred. Legal fines can add up to $2,500 and prison sentences are typically one year or less.


Crimes of more than $200

In Virginia, when the value of the embezzled property is more than $200, varied penalties may be imposed. When embezzlement occurs alongside other crimes, penalties can include prison sentences of over 20 years. 


Misdemeanors and felonies

While fines vary across different fraud offenses, misdemeanors can lead to prison sentences of up to one year. Felonies can be penalized with several years in prison, many of which are greater than 10 years.

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