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In theory, the criminal justice system ensures public safety. But the federal and state governments have used it for more.

Criminal law has become a way to generate revenue, seize assets, incarcerate “undesirables,” and maintain power over businesses and individuals. 

Individuals accused of a crime deserve protection from abuse of power. From the moment charges are filed, a criminal accusation can ruin a person’s life.

Much of my criminal work results in favorable outcomes before the case goes to trial or becomes public. If a case proceeds to trial, I specialize in persuading the courts to rule in my client’s favor on issues of unconstitutional police behavior and prosecutorial misconduct.

Criminal Defense Case Representation Arlington


We work with clients with all different types of legal needs around Arlington, Virginia. If your case falls into one of the folloing types, get in touch for a consultation.


Drug Offenses

A drug offense is any type of possession, distribution, use, or manufacturing of an illegal substance. We have experience working with clients with various drug offenses. We are prepared to defend you in your trial; you are more than the crime with which you’ve been charged. 


Sex Offenses

Those accused of a sex offense often suffer both legal repercussions as well as social ones. Until proven guilty, you are innocent. With whichever crime you’ve been charged, you deserve to live a life full of hope. Our goal is to minimize the impact any crime has on both you and your family. 


firearms offenses

A firearms offense includes any violation of firearms regulations and statutes. Nearly all firearms offenses are classified as felonies. Very few are considered misdemeanors in courts of law so having the best representation is paramount. We’re here to help best present your case and minimize the impact your case has on your life. 


Embezzlement & Fraud

Embezzlement occurs when someone is entrusted with a property that isn’t his or hers, and the property is stolen by the entrusted individual for personal gain. We have experience working with clients with various embezzlement and fraud offenses. We are prepared to defend you in you.


Alcohol Offenses (DUI/DWI)

Drivers are charged with a DUI/DWI when blood alcohol content (BAC) is over 0.08%. However, any driver with a BAC over 0.00% can be charged with a DUI/DWI, especially if their driving is deemed as reckless. Contact Mike if you’re involved in a DUI/DWI case to receive the best possible representation.

firearms offenses

In the state of Virginia, any possession and production of marijuana will not become legal until 2024. The state has not yet finalized all legal details regarding cannabis usage. Until new laws are officially in effect, the state will address all cannabis-related charges as they have previously. Contact Mike if you’re involved in a case relating to marijuana or cannabis.

Firearms & Straw Purchases

Quite a few firearms laws are more lenient in Virginia than other other states. However, purchasing firearms on behalf of others (who don’t have a valid license) is illegal. Straw purchases are federal offenses that can result in prison sentences of up to 10 years. Contact Mike Hollingsworth regarding your firearms or straw purchase case for the best legal representation.

Computer Crimes

Common crimes that can occur through computers include: cyber-stalking, cyber-harassment, phishing, and hacking. Using the internet to infect others’ devices with viruses is illegal. Stealing information through hacking or phishing is also illegal. Some computer crimes are more severe than others, especially when they involve individuals under the age of 18. Contact us for cases inolving computer crimes in Virginia.


Certain types of fraud are more severe than others. Bank fraud convicts receive prison sentences of up to 30 years with fines up to $1,000,000. Tax fraud can cost an individual up to $100,000 and corporations up to $500,000. Other types of fraud include other money-based crimes and identity theft. Identity theft spans over many crimes of fraud. Contact Mike Hollingswoth for fraud cases in Virginia. 

Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of justice occurs when an individual purposefully interferes with legal processes. For example, interfering or attempting to interfere with court proceedings, legal investigations, and other government-executed plans. Mike Hollingsworth can help with cases that deal with obstruction of justice in Virginia. 

Conspiracy Crimes

Money-laundering and the illegal manufacturing of weapons or drugs are both conspiracy crimes. These crimes are punishable in court with up to five years in prison. If you’re involved in a conspiracy crimes case, contact Mike Hollingsworth to receive the best legal representation. 

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Arlington

Why hire a criminal defense lawyer?

For those awaiting trial for a crime in which they’ve been accused, working with a public defense attorney isn’t your only option. Many public defense lawyers aren’t interested in defending you to the best of their ability. Working closely with a private attorney can help you see a better sentence at the end of your trial. And remember, you are innocent until proven guilty.

We’re private defense lawyers. We have tons of experience working with accused individuals and helping them get back to living their lives. While keeping the basic principle of respect in mind, we “treat others with the respect that we wish for ourselves.” You are not alone during this time of crisis. You and your family can work together with the right lawyer to revive your sense of hope. Of those found guilty, many individuals find themselves living fulfilling, meaningful lives in the future. However, whether you’re innocent or guilty, we want to defend you to our utmost ability. We’re here to help clear you of unwarranted charges or lower the penalties you’ll receive in court.

Work with the best criminal defense attorney in Arlington, Virginia.

Public defense lawyers aren’t your only option. We service those living in the Arlington area and surrounding area of Northern Virginia. We are ready to defend you

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Our Experience

Whether you’re proven innocent or not, you deserve to have an experienced defense lawyer on your side. Working closely with a private defense attorney can increase your chance of receiving lighter penalties for committed crimes.

Our Character

We treat all of our clients with respect and dignity. Too often, public lawyers and other legal authorities treat the accused with much disrespect. We are all human beings, and we all deserve to be treated with more understanding.

Our Compassion

For both the innocent and guilty, family life is disrupted throughout the entire duration of a case. We will work with you and your family to find the best outcome for the future. Your family and other priorities are our top priorities too.

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  • United States v. Client: found not guilty of drug possession charge after trial
  • Commonwealth of Virginia v. Client (Prince William County): not guilty of assault & battery charge
  • United States v. Client: no prison imposed on gun trafficking charges where sentencing guidelines recommended 12-18 months
  • Commonwealth of Virginia v. Client (Stafford County): multiple charges dismissed when motion to suppress granted based on lack of probable cause
  • Commonwealth of Virginia v. Client (Fredericksburg City): felony obscenity charges dismissed after Mike argued against legality of computer search
  • Commonwealth of Virginia v. Client (Stafford County):not guilty of driving while intoxicated after Mike prevented prosecutor from using expert testimony
  • Commonwealth of Virginia v. Client (Prince William County): drug charges dismissed after motion to suppress granted for police lack of reasonable suspicion to conduct an investigative stop.