My job is to hold accountable those who wronged my client. I’m successful at that because I can distill the facts and apply the law in a simple yet persuasive way.

Mike Hollingsworth is a partner at Nichols Zauzig, a law firm with multiple offices in Northern Virginia. For over 30 years, Nichols Zauzig has been nationally and locally recognized as one of the best litigation firms in Northern Virginia.


Mike brings over a decade of experience to his practice in criminal and civil litigation and is rated a top lawyer by Northern Virginia Magazine and Super Lawyers®. Mike advocates aggressively but compassionately for his clients with a keen sense for identifying unfairness and abuse. Mike views his clients’ cases with a determination to achieve success and has advocated for people in every level of Virginia’s court system and in nearly every county in Northern Virginia. He has argued before the Supreme Court of Virginia and the Virginia Court of Appeals and has achieved dozens of winning verdicts and case dismissals over his career.

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  • Medical Malpractice
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Wrongful Death


  • Constitutional & Statutory Doctrines Affecting Trial, Defending Criminal Cases in Virginia, Virginia CLE (2020).

  • Seila Law v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Subscript Law (February 18, 2020).

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  • “The Essentials of Search & Seizure in Virginia,” Virginia CLE Seminar, 2019

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  • First-Year Attorney Mentor, Virginia Indigent Defense Commission

  • Board of Directors, Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • Volunteer, Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network, Combating Homelessness in Arlington County, Virginia


Mr. Hollingsworth was stellar in the courtroom. I cannot thank him enough for helping me in my time of need. I was truly blessed to have his support.


Prince William County

Michael is an excellent lawyer and a caring, intelligent young man. I can’t thank him enough for everything he did to help my son. I recommend his services to everyone I can.


Stafford County

Mr. Hollingsworth is an excellent defense attorney. He was my representative during my trail when I stood accused by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

I discovered Mr. Hollingsworth and agreed to hire his services after making me a fair deal based on my age, financial, and social situation. Through his legal connections, verbal cunning, and care for those he comes to represent, he was able to get the charge dismissed with prejudice. I later sought his services once again about two weeks later to petition for the expungement of my arrest record. The legal proceedings went smoothly and I now have a clean criminal record and can move on with my life thanks to his legal work.

Michael isn’t just a skilled lawyer; he also possesses something that isn’t taught in a classroom. That even when dealing with what some would consider to be the worst acts humanity is capable of committing, most never consider what it’s like to walk in another man’s shoes. Michael believes that all people hold the possibility for redemption and that they all deserve legal representation under the law.


Prince William County

I was referred to Mike for a criminal matter by a friend who used his firm’s services in the past. He came highly recommended. Mike all but guaranteed the outcome, and encouraged me to plead not guilty. I was acquitted after trial. This was a major relief because a conviction would have had major consequences for me. I would absolutely hire Mike again.


Stafford County

A friend referred Mr. Hollingsworth to me to speak to about my upcoming case. He took very good care of me and the outcome was much better than I was hoping for. The best decision I’ve ever made. I hope I don’t ever need a lawyer again but if I do I would definitely call him!! I can’t thank him enough for fighting for me and giving me the best experience I could hope for under the bad circumstances.


Prince William County

I don’t know where to start. A couple of days before my court date I was extremely nervous & wasn’t too sure about contacting lawyers due to my lack of funds. When I explained my situation to Mr. Hollingsworth he worked with me so that I wouldn’t have to worry at all. Not only did he work with me financially, but he explained to me all of my options and voiced his opinion about what was best for me for the future. Throughout the case he was so confident and determined to help me out as much as possible. The outcome was so much better than I had expected. After everything was done Mr. Hollingsworth kept on helping me, saying that if I need any type of help to contact him. Mr. Hollingsworth is the real deal. 10/10. I recommend him to everyone that needs an attorney and if I were to get in any trouble he would be the #1 person I’d reach out to. Great first experience with an a lawyer, once again thank you for everything you have done Mr. Hollingsworth.


Prince William County

We hired Mike based on a recommendation of our friend who is also a lawyer. We needed answers in the very late night and he actually was there to help us. Mr Hollingsworth knows so many people in the area and has great rapport with everyone that problems are quickly solved. We got the help we needed late at night. He explained everything that we needed to know. He was so relaxed in court and made us all feel so much more at ease. We never worried or had any unanswered questions. Our family is really grateful for his services. It was so great to have worked with him.


Prince William County

Mr. Hollingsworth was worth the price. He hammered in the point that needed to be hammered in and succeeded in getting the out come needed for me and my family. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.


Stafford County

I can’t begin to say enough about Mike and the great job he did in representing my daughter over a youthful indiscretion that could have haunted her the rest of her life if it weren’t for Mike Hollingsworth.

First off, Mike did an excellent job of letting us know what we were up against and was very honest in regards to the uphill battle we were facing. He clearly explained the documentation we needed to obtain in order to help explain to the court the mitigating circumstances and what steps my daughter needed to take in order to show the court that she was trying to atone for her mistake.

Don’t let Mike’s calm, relaxed and personable demeanor fool you: he will fight very hard and relentlessly for his clients. During the 90 minutes we were in court prior to the trial, unlike other attorneys who were looking at their cell phones, Mike was in negotiations with the prosecutor, talking with the sheriff and conferring with other attorneys in order to find the best strategy to deal with the prosecutor.

In the end, we got the best possible outcome because: 1) Mike was well prepared; 2) Was able to pivot during the day of trial in order to present our case in the best possible light given the prosecutor and judge we wound up with; 3) We were prepared due to Mike’s guidance.

After the trial, Mike took the time to meet with my daughter to help her sort through what happened at the trial and to inform her of possible outcomes should she have any more ‘youthful indiscretions.’

I hopefully will never need Mike’s services again but for anyone who is facing a situation who needs a calm reassuring lawyer who will be upfront and honest about the chances for success and will fight tirelessly to get the best outcome, then I would recommend Mike Hollingsworth!


Stafford County

If you need a shark, Mike Hollingsworth is the man. Michael worked on my son’s criminal defense case. The final result was better than expected, but what I liked was the way he dealt with us. Straight forward and no bulls***. I prefer straight forward talkers that don’t beat around the bush and tell it like it is. That’s exactly what we got. I would hire him again in a minute. Hopefully, I will never need to.


Prince William County

I cannot say enough how happy I am with Mike’s services. I was in quite a panic. Mike put my worries at ease; he kept me informed, answered all my questions honestly, and reviewed all my options with me. In the end, he did an excellent job in court and my charge was nolle prossed. Now he is helping me to get the charges expunged from my record. Mike is an outstanding attorney and I would recommend him to anyone!


Prince William County

Mike is more than a great lawyer. In life it is hard to find a person, let alone a lawyer, that has integrity and honestly cares about people. Michael has a passion for winning and the people he represents. He is well prepared when he walks into the courtroom and ready to fight for you. He is what other lawyers wish they could be. It is because of the way he treated me, from the first time I talked to him until the end of my case, with caring and respect, that we are friends to this day. Mike because of the person he is and the values he stands for in life, along with his endless work ethic, is why I recommend him over any other lawyer.


Prince William County

I hired Michael Hollingsworth for a white collar issue stemming from a business dispute. He was absolutely amazing and professional throughout the entire process. The results provided were nothing short of stellar. I highly recommend him in any civil or criminal case.


Stafford County

Mr. Hollingsworth defended me on two charges. I pled not guilty to both and was found not guilty of both after two trials. 5 stars.


Prince William County